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I learned to manifest the spirit of community responsibility at an early age. Being raised in a strong MidWest family with outreach at the forefront of our daily family focus, I learned early on that awareness of the needs of the community around me and lending my authentic gifts and talents as an individual is what true success is built upon. In the last decade as a corporate marketing professional, I’ve been able to work for and support a variety of diverse outlets that help others in fundraising, outreach, and quality of life improvement. However, the opportunity to do more, create more, and connect deeper in a way that integrated community, my career path, and my family life continued to present itself over and over again.

Czech Yourself Marketing. I knew I had developed the skill sets, experience, and network to launch into a space that integrated my skills with nonprofit and small business marketing needs. I had to “check” myself. The demands of corporate life left me drained with little to give back. Time to reconnect to my roots and use my experience to design and offer services to community focused organizations.

The Name: I lived a majority of my childhood in Cedar Rapids, IA. There is a little area of town called Czech Village. Some of my favorite childhood memories are held in this little village. The colorful festivals, decadent bakery shops, welcoming villagers and cheerful visitors are what I imagine my personality would look like bundled into one image. Along with the sentiment of the word Czech, I firmly believe a lot of my success in life stems from my ability to self-review and “Check Myself” periodically; always moving forward and making the changes to do so.  I want to pass along this valuable mindset and assist companies in my community in taking a look at their Marketing to ensure they are utilizing every resource available to its full potential.

Passion Meets Purpose: Even in today’s day and age Marketing is quite often an afterthought. Just as often, Marketing and Advertising campaigns are carried out “like the old days” because the assumption is that there is no reason to change. This ideology will keep a company in the past and will not move them towards the future successes within their grasp. I plan to provide counsel and direction to my clients for them to best utilize Marketing & Advertising resources within their financial means.


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Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

~ Seth Godin

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