Blog It: Launch Day

It’s finally here… Launch Day!

If you learn one thing about me you will learn I am a perfectionist who loves all things aligned, well, perfectly. My plan was to launch on January 1st because how perfect is aligning the first day of the new year and the introduction of my new company?! Well, we all know that plans are just that, plans. Life happens and I have learned, especially in motherhood, to not sweat the small stuff. So, February 1st then became my new launch date! February is not only my birthday month but one month closer to spring and warmer weather! So, back to feeling I had the perfect launch date.

A lot went into meeting this date. One of my first steps when I started this adventure was deciding what to call my business. I did a lot of research and talked to fellow entrepreneurs on their naming convention. Some laughed at me and said well I just used my name. While my girl-boss, older sister told me to make sure its strong name and you can say it with confidence standing in a boardroom full of powerful men and women.

Well, I thought about this for maybe 2 seconds and pictured the look I get when I introduce myself. You know the “awe-you-are-so-cute-you-remind-me-of-a-cupcake” sort of look. I decided I needed something a little stronger and “in your face” because it will always be followed by, Halee Sprinkle {cue the awe}. Don’t get me wrong, I love my name and these reactions are not taken with offense. However, they don’t always instill confidence in my professionalism.

I came across a naming convention exercise where you make lists of keywords; nicknames, favorite childhood memories, keywords that match the vision for your business, etc. Then you take away words you may not want in your business name. These steps brought me to a small list of keywords including “self-review”, “marketing” and “Czech Village”. So, I mixed those around and created Czech Yourself Marketing.

Once the name was chosen the rest started to fall in place. My logo was designed by my favorite graphic design princess and friend, Callie Blackburn. I then created my website and social platforms aiming for a cohesive look and functionality across all resources.

The last thing I did was reach out to a group of individuals to provide recommendations/testimonials for my website. With each of the responses I received I felt that much more supported and encouraged to take on this new adventure. I definitely went through a rush of emotions each time my email chimed with another empowering response. Thank you all again from bottom of my overfilled heart!

All these steps lead me to the success of today’s goal, introducing Czech Yourself Marketing. Do not take for granted a simple to do list with flexibility for the unknown obstacles that will cross your path… AND the determination to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Now, go explore my social sites and reach out if you want to talk about all things Marketing!



3 thoughts on “Blog It: Launch Day

  1. I am proud of you following your desire to help others and build deeper connections, while also focusing on what you do best, but more importantly are very passionate about! Happy Launch day!

  2. So proud of you and can’t wait to see what the future bring for Czech Yourself Marketing! You will do amazing things 🙂

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