Blog It: The Logo

Once I had my business name the next big step was to decide on what I wanted my logo to look like. My ideas were all over the board at first. I started collecting pictures, images of icons, color palettes, and my own doodles that I believe represented me, my business name and the business image I had planned. I started placing these in a powerpoint file to arrange them and find some common themes which lead to the mood board you see a sample of above.

Once I had dwindled down my mood board I reached out to a fellow, female professional who I had worked with in Marketing at Regal Entertainment Group, Callie Blackburn. Callie is a Social Media Manager at REG yet is also a very talented freelance graphic designer. I knew she would be a great fit for the fun, colorful, “me” logo I was imagining.

I was not prepared for how perfect the outcome would be. Not that I doubted her talent, I doubted my crazy mix of wants, thoughts, and ideas I had for this logo. When I first saw the logo comp sheet she had created I was floored and troubled because I loved them all! I knew it was going to be a hard decision. After much deliberation, I narrowed them down to the one that would be the most efficient for all the uses I intended for it. So, the final product was… [drumroll]…Logo

The more graphics I create with this design, and the more I use the emblem as a watermark the more it just feels like it has been there all along.

Thank you again, Callie, for creating the perfect piece of art to represent me and my business!

Thanks for reading!

Interested in contacting Callie? She does so much more than logo design too! Business Cards, brochure design, etc.

Callie Blackburn, Freelance Graphic Designer,

Contact Me

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