Blog It: It’s A Small World

Now I have that song stuck in my head and childhood memories from Disneyland flooding back… Sorry if you are hearing it too! But, it is indeed a small world after all.

It seems cliche to say “it’s a small world” but I have had so many run-ins with people lately that I know by one degree of separation. When it comes to building business relationships and networks we all know these acquaintances can be the next big referral for you and your business.Referall DefReferrals. We all need them but do not always take action to obtain them. The first step is making you sure you ask for referrals. Whether that is from current/past clients, family & friends or fellow business owners. How you ask depends on the person. Some will respond better to a direct request while others will need to see an immediate value to their business with a referral.

Yet another great article from discusses 25 Ways to Ask for Referrals. It’s a must-read on this topic and I found it helpful as I make my way around the small world of Knoxville and it’s intense referral-based networking.

Here comes the ask… If you think of someone struggling with their marketing strategy or someone who just is not sure how to create a sponsored post, please give them my information. I truly believe in the only dumb questions are the ones you do not ask. I am here so ask away!

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