Blog It: Seasons

In a networking group recently it was brought up to accept that we have “seasons” in our lives. These are not the Spring/Summer type of seasons but seasons of growth, obstacles, happiness, disappointment, etc. This same sentiment can be said about your Marketing. There will be seasons with your Marketing.


Some seasons your Marketing Plans perform seamlessly and you obtain the leads you need to meet your goals. However, there are those seasons that you feel your marketing has hit a wall. Your audience isn’t engaged, your goals are not being met, and your strategy feels worthless.

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It is time to push harder than ever. Time to rethink your target audience or rethink the best platform to reach them through. Test those out of the box ideas you shelved for later. Research your market(s) and industry to ensure you are staying informed on changes and/or new competitors that could be affecting you directly.

This does not mean you completely scratch your old Marketing Plan, yet look at each piece to evaluate what you can adjust to strengthen the results. You must remain flexible especially with your online marketing as new platforms are launched every day and your audience could be moving away from the platforms in your comfort zone. Keep learning and outsourcing those tasks that are not the best use of your time.

For me, I have three seasons going on simultaneously. With Czech Yourself Marketing I am in a season of excitement and growth as I am building my client list and helping businesses take their marketing by the horns. With my second business, Reel Cyc Studios, I am in a season of learning and new experiences. Our studio business plan was such a seed of an idea that has grown so much and the support we have received is humbling.  In my personal life I am experiencing a season of pain and uncertainty as my husband may be looking at back surgery in the upcoming months and we also recently discovered that he has a congenital heart defect. We are a very active family so this is hard for all of us to process but are ready for whatever comes our way and know the support is there when we need it. Taking it all one season at a time…

embrace season

Feel like you are hitting a wall with your Marketing? Not a fan of the season you are in currently? Contact me so we can work on a plan to get you in that next season of growth and success!

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